Bianco Gelato

Bianco Gelato

Considering the vast majority of days in Miami have temps above 80 degrees, some cold & refreshing gelato is welcomed year-round here. Unfortunately, a lot of gelato places have limited dairy-free selections, and the ones they do have are usually fruit-based. Not that I’m complaining, but I prefer to have a decadent scoop of dark chocolate or chocolate hazelnut gelato with my fruity scoop!

Bianco Gelato in Coconut Grove is the answer to my chocolatey gelato cravings, but they don’t just stop there. Among their dairy-free options they have chocolate, chocolate hazelnut, cookies and cream, lemon, strawberry and mango! Of course I sampled every flavor, all of them were creamy and delicious and the perfect amount of sweet. I ended up stacking a cone with a scoop each of their chocolate, strawberry, and cookies and cream.

As an added bonus, the entire shop is also USDA certified organic, the only shop on the entire east coast to have that kind of certification, and kosher certified as well. They’ve been in their current location for three years, and have big expansion plans with three new locations in the works: Key Biscayne, Wynwood, and in the Food Hall of the Citadel opening in the up-and-coming Little River District.



Make sure to add this to your list next time you’re out and about on a hot Miami day when the ONLY thing that could possibly cool you down is a big cone of vegan gelato. They also have pints to go if you prefer to sit on the couch in your undies and plow through a container yourself, no one is judging, we are all friends here.

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